Bring your message to life with creative excellence grounded in clear thinking.

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We live in a visual world, and the story you tell through film or photography can catapult your brand into the mind of an audience. But if the content you create is not grounded in a clear strategy and an understanding of your audience, it won’t work. Because we are experienced brand thinkers as well as creative crafters, Castelli and Co can be your allies in delivering content, communication and messaging that has an impact and exceeds expectations.

As you will discover when you get to know us, we are a collection of grown ups with decades of experience, and abundant passion and patience!

The main characters:

Laurie Castelli: founder, creative strategy, director, photographer & executive producer.

Before getting behind the camera, Laurie started life at some of London’s top advertising agencies, working on creative strategy for an array of household name brands. Laurie’s strategic background, combined with visual creativity gave rise to Castelli and Co’s unique blend of clear thinking and creative excellence.


Francis Castelli: partner, executive producer, director.

Over a 30 year career, beginning with a baptism of fire at RSA (Ridley Scott Associates), Francis has seen it all. If you had to categorise his special skill set it would be to make the impossible possible. Whether directing or producing, Francis brings unparalleled energy to a project and is able effortlessly to build rapport with clients, crew and celebrities alike. Find out more about Francis at: