October 7, 2014

A baby adventure in Ecuador

One of the most enjoyable experiences of 2014 has been the filming of a commercial for Johnson and Johnson, in Ecuador of all places. The reason for such an exotic location to create an intimate ad was that the government of Ecuador will not allow a commercial to run on its air waves unless it has predominantly been executed within their borders.

The work was commissioned by Proximity in Colombia, and I was lucky enough to work with Bogotá production company, Spiral Films as a co production with La Ruta Films in Quito.

The biggest challenge came in the fact that the script demanded that we see a baby actually fall asleep on camera in order to demonstrate the calming effect of J&J’s products when used as a pre-bed-time routine. This was aided by the ability to cast identical twins as the stars of the ad – so that one or the other was often more sleepy than the other.

In the short time I was able to spend in Quito, I really enjoyed my time wandering around the old city, as well as the gentle hospitality of its citizens. Definitely a place I would be happy to go back to if asked!

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to explore as much as I would have wanted, or indeed to be able to take photographs as I like to do when working in new places.quito_buildong_1ax quito_man_1ax quito_verge_1bx quito_verge_1cx